0009 My Friend [01 March 1995]

My friend,
A person who smiles,
Makes me laugh,
And helps with my fears.

My friend,
A young man with troubles,
Like all teenagers,
Who finds comfort with his friends.

My friend,
His name is Mono,
And he gives me gifts of laughter,
Everyday I am with him.

My friend,
A gift I have given myself,
His smile so bright,
Helps me through my own troubles.

My friend,
His laughter wonderful to hear,
His smile so nice to see,
And his presence so nice to feel.

0008 A Poem to a Lover [23 February 1995]

Dear Derek,
You rise with the sun,
Your smile so bright.
You know that you are,
You know I am right.

You are my sun,
You are my rain.
You make me smile,
You ease my pain.

I know you well,
Yet I know you not.
For you live freely,
And will never be caught.

I want to love you,
But I don’t know how.
The feeling so strong,
It urges for now.

What do you do?
To make me feel this way.
I think of you,
Every single day.

I want you to know,
Who loves you.
But I cannot tell you
Because of the truth.

I am someone you know
But I must remain anonymous.
It’s the best for now.
For the both of us.

If I can’t be your lover,
Then I’ll just be your friend.
Forever and always,
Until the end.

0007 The Seasons [26 August 1994]

A time of year where leaves change their tone,
Birds fly south,
And horses put on their winter coats.
People tell tales by word of mouth,
By a warm fire in an old rustic house.

Coldness sets in,
And clear, bright snowflakes fall from above.
Animals sleep in their cozy dens
To awake and to love
When the snow melts away.

Flowers bloom and bees hum,
As winter melts away
Bringing forth color and beauty,
And animals that play
In their happiness of love.

Berries and fruit ripen with the sun’s love,
Bringing food to all,
And making new friends,
Great and small,
Laughing and playing the day away.

0005 Christmas Eve Awakening [24 December 1993]

Everybody has a gift,
No one has nothing.
Everybody has the power
To unlock that gift.

Some just don’t fine the key
Because they are not encouraged to.

As my parents and I
Drive home Christmas Eve,
I realize that everyone
Is a gift from God.
No one is just some mistake.
You have a reason for your existence.
Some people just don’t realize that,
There is no coincidence,
There is always a reason for things.
So when you go to sleep tonight,
Remember Christmas is a time to awaken,
A time to realize your potential,
And to open your eyes to your dreams.

0004 Dragon [26 December 1993]

The dragon majestic,
With strong and leathery wings,
With strong and shiny scales
Along their gleaming bodies, multicolored.
Flying to a place in the heavens,
Where they live and play,
Away from harm and reality.

Away from humans who can hurt them,
Hunt them to extinction.
For our world cannot be theirs,
Our Earth, our people, and our world,
Is cruel beyond what we see.

Maybe when our Earth is healed,
Of hate and cruelty to ourselves,
And other creatures,
Maybe the dragons can come back.

Tell me,
When can the dragons come home.




0003 The Sea Serpent [24 December 1993]

In the deep,
The sub swimming,
At ease,
In its environment.
The jaws open
To let two victims go.
The dolphins guide
The swimming humans,
Who collect
Samples of the ocean
To check,
For traces of garbage.

Creatures of the deep,
Swimming around the humans,
To what they are doing.
For they have never seen,
Humans do this before.
They watch,
As the humans pick up the garbage,
That they had put there.

And when they finish,
They leave,
Returning the ocean to its natural state,
Before we,
The humans,
Polluted it.

0002 Memory [12 December 1993]

Her wings silver,
Like the moon.
Her mane and tail gold,
Like the sun.
Her body white,
Like an opal’s eye.
Her feather’s smooth,
Like silk.

She was my childhood playmate,
My friend,
When I had no others.
She played with me,
When others wouldn’t.
Whom I shared my dreams,
And my hopes with.
She was my mentor,
In my school years.
She lives on in my memories,
And will always be there.

I remember our adventures,
Our laughter,
Our tears.
The mountains of Tibet,
The rivers of Nepal.
The people we would see,
The places we would go,
And the friends that we would meet.

There will be
No one else like her.
In my lifetime,
Or any other.
No one who
I could trust my secrets to
And no one
Who would listen
As she did.

She was
A mythical creature.
A horse,
With wings.
Her neigh beautiful,
Rang like a bell.
She was my friend
My confident.

She has gone now,
For I have grown up.
But as I sit here,
And stare
At a drawing
I had done when I was young,
Up in the attic
Of my mama’s old house,
I feel tears come
As I hear her voice once again.
As I hear her whisper,
Softly to me,
Memories rush forward,
As I embrace
Those days of happiness.
I wish for the past,
And my friend named Memory.

I remember
When she left
That one fateful day,
When I had found
A friend at school.
She had a sorrowful look
Upon her brow,
For she knew her time had come,
To leave.
For she had fulfilled her purpose
And she cried,
Beautiful tears that ran
Down her muzzle.

As I began to cry,
And now,
Even I cry.
Knowing she had to leave,
To befriend another,
Who needed her.
I embraced her
That fateful day.

As my Memory returns,
I smile and vow,
Never to forget,
The best friend
I had ever had.


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