002 Memory [12 December 1993]

Her wings silver,
Like the moon.
Her mane and tail gold,
Like the sun.
Her body white,
Like an opal’s eye.
Her feather’s smooth,
Like silk.

She was my childhood playmate,
My friend,
When I had no others.
She played with me,
When others wouldn’t.
Whom I shared my dreams,
And my hopes with.
She was my mentor,
In my school years.
She lives on in my memories,
And will always be there.

I remember our adventures,
Our laughter,
Our tears.
The mountains of Tibet,
The rivers of Nepal.
The people we would see,
The places we would go,
And the friends that we would meet.

There will be
No one else like her.
In my lifetime,
Or any other.
No one who
I could trust my secrets to
And no one
Who would listen
As she did.

She was
A mythical creature.
A horse,
With wings.
Her neigh beautiful,
Rang like a bell.
She was my friend
My confident.

She has gone now,
For I have grown up.
But as I sit here,
And stare
At a drawing
I had done when I was young,
Up in the attic
Of my mama’s old house,
I feel tears come
As I hear her voice once again.
As I hear her whisper,
Softly to me,
Memories rush forward,
As I embrace
Those days of happiness.
I wish for the past,
And my friend named Memory.

I remember
When she left
That one fateful day,
When I had found
A friend at school.
She had a sorrowful look
Upon her brow,
For she knew her time had come,
To leave.
For she had fulfilled her purpose
And she cried,
Beautiful tears that ran
Down her muzzle.

As I began to cry,
And now,
Even I cry.
Knowing she had to leave,
To befriend another,
Who needed her.
I embraced her
That fateful day.

As my Memory returns,
I smile and vow,
Never to forget,
The best friend
I had ever had.


About taikodragonjkf

Member of Spokane Taiko. Poet. Karaoke singer. Love cats and baseball.
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