0011 A Holocaust Tribute [06 March 1995]

Hello everyone,

I’ve been MIA for the last 2-3 weeks because I ended up getting a severe case of cellulitis, which is NOT fun. Had to stay in a hospital for 4 days and right now am still on IV antibiotics. BUT, I am getting better. Slowly but surely.

This poem is another one from my 15 year old poetry writing era.


I guess some people don’t understand,
What it is like to be different.
I can sing, I can draw, I can write,
I get A’s and am bright,
Yet people think I’m weird because of the way I act.

What does it matter,
That I am different?
No one is the same,
So why are they talking?

I can understand the fear,
I can understand the panic.
But why destroy a whole nation,
A whole race.

Adolph Hitler was afraid
To understand a different race,
What he saw
Through blind eyes,
Was what he thought was imperfection.

I guess I am
One of the few
Who are not frightened,
By the different.
I am not afraid
Of different people,
Of different races.

I guess I am
One of the few
Who is white
And does not like to be white.
Yet I do not change my ways,
Because they are mine and mine alone.

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