0020 To the One I Love [06 October 1995]

My heart has a hole in it.
And it bleeds for you.
It is empty,
And it is cold.

Don’t tell me truths,
Don’t tell me lies.
Don’t tell me anything,
For actions speak more than words.

To be in your arms,
That is my only wish.
To be with you,
In the dark.

No passionate movements,
Just together,
In each other’s arms,
For the whole night.

It is a dream I have,
Irrelevant and illogical.
But that’s just my heart,
That’s just me.

Like an eagle in the heavens,
My heart soars when near you.
Singing a soundless song,
Just for yours.

Each person has only half a soul,
They must quest for the other.
Then those two halves,
Will forever be whole.

When I hear your voice
Or see you in the hall,
My heart jumps
Into my throat.

It seems I am composed
And confident in myself,
But in reality,
Inside I’m shaking.

My skin cries out
Just for your touch,
Just a hand on an arm,
Or brush of shoulders.

Nothing sexual,
Just a longing
That eats at my heart,
Calling for you.

I guess it must be a dream,
Foolish and never to be.
I’ve fall in love,
For the first time.

And that love
Will never be,
For you love another,
And I am invisible to you.

About taikodragonjkf

Member of Spokane Taiko. Poet. Karaoke singer. Love cats and baseball.
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