0027 The Remembered [1995]

Author’s note: This poem was written as a result of learning about the Holocaust in middle school and having a survivor come and speak at our school. I was very aware of history at this time in my life and was a sponge in regards to stories like this.

The survivors,
The few who managed to escape
The horrors of Hitler’s Final Solution.
Many died
Thanks to the Heartlessness of Hitler,
And his Army of Death.

The survivors,
Their tears,
Their pain,
Their fear,
Their sorrow.

Why did men kill their fellow humans?
They killed for a new race.
A superhuman race.
Not only did they kill the Jews,
But they killed the disabled.

Why, oh why?
What did those hopeless many do to you?
What is it that makes you hate?
What do you see in a future of hate?

All I see
Is chaos and destruction.
Fear and more hate,
Pain and sorrow.

Throughout the years,
Even more than fifty years later,
You can still hear
If you listen hard,
The cries and the pleas for help
From the victims.

The death camps,
What horrible memories lie there.
The dead and the dying,
The hurt and the crying.

The crying,
Oh, that awful crying.
The cries that were heard throughout the world,
Even here,
In the city of Seattle.

The children,
Who were killed ruthlessly,
By men who didn’t care.
Whose dreams were shattered
When they were taken away from their homes.

Children who could have been
The next president, or prime minister.
Children who could have made a difference,
But were smothered in the hatred of a man.

There were many children who died,
Many who could have been
Writers, actors.

Why did they have to pay
For another man’s anger?
I just cannot comprehend
Hitler’s motives.

Even for those in hiding,
The children who were locked up,
Like Anne Frank’s father said,
“Don’t let your mind be locked up with your body,
fly beyond the reaches of this stronghold.”

And even to this day
You can still hear the words of Anne Frank
Child of the Holocaust,
Echo throughout the world,
“In spite of everything,
I still believe people are really good at heart.”

And her father’s words when reading this,
“She puts me to shame.”

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Member of Spokane Taiko. Poet. Karaoke singer. Love cats and baseball.
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