0039 The Silver Knight [27 April 1997]

Sunlight struck the shimmering shield,
As the warrior slashed into his enemy.
Good against evil,
Light against dark,
Day against night.
Another creature down,
As the fighter strains forth into battle.

Not any normal battle,
But what battle is?
A group of men,
Fighting for good.
A throng of evil
Who fought for the darkness.
The silver knight strode boldly,
Slashing down any enemy who comes in his way.
A rose among the weeds,
He dove into the fray.

His sword afire with sunlight and blood,
His goal simple.
To conquer evil,
To save a kingdom and a love,
His whole life lived for.

He found the commander of the dark forces,
He threw down the last dark creature in his way,
And faced a terror
Never in his life did he believe to be true.
The commander was dark
As dark as the black of his heart.

The silver knight,
Strode boldly forward
Sun his guardian,
Moon his guide,
Night his enemy, until defeated.

The commander,
Whose gruesome fangs dripped poison,
And blood of an innocent,
Whose black sword dripped the blood
Of a soldier of the silver knight.
“Welcome,” said he, smiling,
His voice a mass of grating rocks.
“To your death.”

The silver knight stood tall.
His armor bloodied in battle,
Yet nobly worn.
“Death I do wish only if you were to join me.”
A voice as silvery a baritone
As good as the earth itself.

They clashed,
A blur of black and silver
Surrounded by the same.
But this battle would end it all,
This would win
For darkness or light.

In the end,
As all stories go,
Good conquered evil
But at the loss of the hero.

The silver knight,
His armor slashed and broken,
His heart beating yet broken.
His blood giving life to the once green grass.

The silver knight,
Lay quietly as the battle raged on.
Good conquering evil,
The mass of dark receding
At the loss of its leader.

He grasped his sword and raised it to the clear blue sky,
His silver voice gilded with pain
Cried out the song of victory.
“Together we stand.
Warriors bound by oath,
Bound by blood.
Good against evil.
Avenge me, the dead, my brothers.
For darkness will always be there.
Never give up blood, oath or truth.
For good always defeats evil.”

His breath weak,
Yet even so, breathed faith into his knights.
They fought until the last
Of the dark was gone,
And the cool comfort of a
Good night was upon them.

One stood alone by the fallen knight.
A comrade at first glimpse,
The knight lifted the helmet off,
Unleashing a cascade of silver hair.
A beautiful face,
A young woman’s face,
Within – all innocence lost.

She dropped her weapon and helm,
Fell to her knees weeping.
With his last strength,
He caressed her face,
His pain-filled silver eyes
Meeting her blue ones
And whispered to her.

“Our love is for the ages,
Never lost to you nor I.
My death is for our child,
So that he or she might not fear
The coming darkness of night.
My life was promised
To saving a world
And a woman I loved.”

His final breath,
Saved for his love, died.
His silver eyes closed in relief
As death’s cool comfort descended,
Upon the silver knight,
His hand upon his lover’s belly.

She came back,
A day far in the present,
With a golden-haired boy,
Tears rolling down her face
As they faced his tomb.

A tomb carved of the bluest marble,
And on it was his epiphany.
A tribute to the battle of good against evil.

“A silver knight
Strode boldly into battle
Sun his guardian,
Moon his guide,
And the night his friend, now conquered.”

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Member of Spokane Taiko. Poet. Karaoke singer. Love cats and baseball.
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