0046 The Oracle [06 May 1997]

Give me reason,
And I shall define.
I am Oracle.
I am Prophecy.

I tell truth,
Not in riddles.
Leaving definitions
To be heard.

I have dreams,
Given to me.
By the gods,
By the deities.

I don’t follow,
Nor do I lead,
I simply am,
I simply live.

Life is too precious
To die in service.
Although I admire
Those who follow.

To most,
I give hope.
To others,
I give death.

Life. Death.
Hope. Dismay.
Love. Pain.
Dreams. Nightmares.

All cloud my mind,
All tell me truth.
All tell me futures
To come.

I deem truth,
I deem madness.
Because I know truth
And know madness.
Who I am,
I shall never know,
For the Lords themselves,
Of land and sea, keep it hidden from me.

I have a life,
Yet no direction,
For I am lost
Without a name.

Please forgive me
If I falter.
Life is so much more
Than the longest day.

About taikodragonjkf

Member of Spokane Taiko. Poet. Newbie weight lifter. Love cats and baseball.
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