0050 My Lover and I [31 May 1997]

Author’s note: Definitely a work of pure fiction here. lol

The sweet song of the silver jay,
Brought dawn too quickly,
For my lover and I,
Spent our first night together.

Long did it seem,
We had waited.
Compared to how short
It had lasted.

At the least,
We had the weekend

My parents were gone
On a weekend getaway,
So I called him over,
With their permission.

As soon as he arrived,
He took me in his arms,
And from four o’clock in the afternoon
Until 8 the next morning we did nothing.

Nothing except what a man and a woman
Did their best at.
Loving each other
And making love to each other.

How many times did we reach climax,
How many times did we awaken others?
We knew not and cared not,
Only caring about how much we loved each other.

We loved continuously,
Not stopping,
Until the wee hours of the morning
When we fell asleep, exhausted.

That next day,
We did our homework,
Every so often,
Desire taking over.

Then we would throw our clothes off
Reaching climax
At least two times
Then beginning our homework again.

Our homework finished,
We loved for another hour,
Had lunch,
In the nude.

Laughing and giggling,
We watched movies
And made love until midnight.

At midnight we fell asleep
After cleaning the house
And again making love.

Nine the next morning,
My parents pulled in,
I was awake,
While my lover was still asleep.

So tired was he,
From making love to me,
That ten hours seemed,
To be his recuperation period.

I heard my mother gasp,
At the cleanliness of the house,
And at the sweet smell,
Of the wild roses we brought in
From the rain.

I heard her say to dad,
That they should leave more often
And allow my boyfriend
To come over more often.

I smiled and fell back asleep,
My arms around my lover,
As my mother looked in to see her daughter,
As she slept with her lover.

About taikodragonjkf

Member of Spokane Taiko. Poet. Karaoke singer. Love cats and baseball.
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