0051 The Dance [31 May 1997]

Author’s note: This is definitely fiction. A fantasy I had during high school. Never actually happened. But with respect to authenticity, I am indeed posting this “epic”-type of poem. It’s so sappy and such a teenage dream.

I wait with nervousness,
My hands sweaty,
My hair perfect
As well as my makeup and dress.

My friend eyes me with slyness,
Also awaiting her date.
But then she has had experience
And knows procedure.

“Sit down,” she says,
moving aside so I can sit
beside her on the couch.
I sit, my heartbeats causing an earthquake.

An earthquake only I can feel,
For I am to dance
With a young man
I have liked since the year before.

A knock on the door,
I jump to my feet.
My dad answers,
Coming into the room with Sara’s date.

“He’s not coming,”
I say with anxiety.
Sara’s date says,
“He’s coming, pulled in right behind me.”

I sit again,
My hands on my knees,
Rubbing at my dress.
My friend says I’ll make a hole through it.

I sigh,
Blessed air filling my lungs.
And I relax, slightly,
My hands stopping their motions.

Another knock.
I know he’s come.
I stand,
Ready to receive my date.

I hear my father once again,
And I hear his name.
I close my eyes
To prepare myself.

With my eyes still closed,
I continue to think how I looked,
Until I felt a slight, gentle caress
Of a man’s hand cupping my cheek.

He either walked lightly,
Or I had been too preoccupied.
My eyes flashed open
To behold his face smiling at me.

“You look great,” he comments.
That familiar twinkle in his eyes,
And a voice
That melts me to my soul.

My eyes meet his,
And I lost myself in them.
A color so deep,
And a brown so soft.

My mother comes in with a camera
Ready to flash
And tells us to stand
Tells us to pose.

His eyes move away,
Releasing me from their spell.
And in his hand,
He took mine.

A power so unknown to me
Electrified my being
As we stood
The men with their arms around their dates.

My friend smiles at me,
Then they left us for the couple shots.
I looked up at his tall elegance
And he smiled that entrancing smile at me.

His arm about my waist
And a hand holding mine,
Mom flashed the camera
And our friends replace us.

Then the men were photographed,
Then one by one
All the while he was smiling at me.

With that same look
The desire filling his eyes
The wanting in his smile
As well as in his body.

Then my friend and I got ours taken,
Together and single.
My eyes always on his
As he stood by my mom.

After pictures,
He stayed by my side
His hand holding mind or on my back,
That same electricity floating between us.

We left for the dance,
My date driving,
Sara in the back seat with her date
As I sat up front next to him.

My date,
Whose beautiful eyes locked onto mine,
Said to all,
“Dinner afterward okay?”

A chorus of yeah’s
Filled the car
And straight to the high school
We went, my heart in my throat.

Other guys stared at me,
With a recognition given
To a beautiful woman
My date smiling knowingly at each of them.

Each turned to find his own date,
I shrugged and walked on,
Yet always there was his hand
On my back.

Then suddenly it was gone,
I turned and sighted him
He smiled at me, took my hand
And said something about pictures to Sara.

He then led me into a room,
Where three backdrops littered the walls
And camera’s flashed
As couples posed.

A man waved to us
My date steered me to him
Handing the man a packet,
He led me in front of a backdrop.

The photographer smiled
And asked my date why he seemed leaner,
He explained to him that he had worked out
During the summer for a girl.

The photographer took our pictures and we left,
Finding my friend,
We waded onto the dance floor
As a slow song wafted in the air.

My date pulled me close,
And I layed my head on his broad shoulder.
His arms wrapped around my waist
And mine around his.

The dance seemed too short
As we talked to friends
Danced fast dances
And slow dances especially.

Every once in a while
When I talked to someone
I noticed my date talk to other girls
And I’d watch.

When a slow dance came on
And she asked him to dance,
He shook his head
And after saying something, walked my way.

He would then reach me,
And pull me gently
Onto the dance floor
And wrap his arms about me.

To my friends,
He obliged and danced straight.
His body relaxed but never touching hers
As he’s stare downcast, but not at her.

The last dance finally came,
And I waited.
He came and again
Led me onto the dance floor.

Again he wrapped his arms around me,
And again, I, him.
Although something different is in him,
As we swayed to the music.

He pulled away slightly
And I looked up, startled.
He smiled and looked deep into my eyes.
My heart leaped in bounds.

For the longest time
I was lost
Until a moment of sudden longing
Filled my mind, body and soul.

At that moment,
His smile disappeared
And in one smooth movement
Pressed his lips softly to mine.

It became deep,
Until all I knew was his body,
Moving closer to mine
And him delving into my mouth, my soul.

The song ended too quickly,
And he released,
A reluctance filtering into me from him
As he took my hand.

We met up with Sara
And with extreme discreteness
We left
To eat.

He held my hand all the way to the car,
I couldn’t tell which fingers
Were mine
And which were his.

He turned to Sara and her date,
And asked if something light
Was okay for all,
And both said yes.

We drove to an all-nighter
Ate fries and nachos
Not caring
If it was unromantic.

For two hours we talked,
All the time his hand,
Whenever possible
Held mine.

All the way to my house,
His hand held mine,
Unless he had to shift
When he’d grab it again, tightly.

We reached home,
And the four of us piled out
Laughter and joking
His hand always around mine.

We reached the door,
My date’s voice trembling
As he laughed
And said goodbye to Sara’s date.

She waved goodbye and went inside,
For the longest time we stood there
His hand holding mine,
His eyes holding mine.

His beautiful voice tremble still as he
Said goodbye.
Then pulled me into a tight embrace
And savagely kissing me.

He didn’t want to go, he said, after the kiss,
He didn’t want the night to end.
Didn’t want to say goodbye
And leave the girl he loved.

I stared,
He loved me.
And again he proved it
His lips again covering mine.

He released,
And cupped my face,
Looking deep into my eyes
Then turned and walked swiftly away.

“Wait!” I yelled,
Afraid I would lose him
And never see him again
Or talk to him again.

He turned on his heel,
“Yes?” he called back.
“Please, come back,” I said, my voice trembling,
tears now streaming down my face.

He ran back
And gently,
Ever so gently
Wiped away my tears.

In a low husky murmur he asked
“What is it, my love?”
I closed my eyes, that sweet deep voice
Filling the void.

“Don’t leave me without telling me
That I will see you again?”
He laughed and embraced me,
My head upon his muscled shoulder.

“You will never get rid of me,”
He said with a chuckle,
And a smile that
Outshined the stars.

“Good, because I love you.”
This time he stared at me,
His eyes now jewels of light
As he now knew.

He leaned closer
And ever so slightly
Kissed my lips
With a gentleness I’d never known.

His arms wrapped around my shoulders
And my arms entered his coat
And wrapped around his waist
As the kiss became deeper.

How long it lasted,
I have no idea
For I was lost
In his kiss.

We slowed
And he let go,
Reluctant to leave,
His hand lingering on my cheek.

I watched him walk away,
When he reached the car
He stopped
I said then, “I love you.”

He turned and ran back,
As soon as reaching me,
Embracing me,
And kissing me.

Through the kisses he whispered,
“I wish I could show you more.”
I smiled and replied,
“You will when it’s time.”

He kissed me once more,
Then ran back to his car
And yelled as he drove off,
“I love you, too!”

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