0060 These Tears That Fall From Our Eyes [31 July 1997]

Author’s note: My first attempt at writing a song. I don’t have the tune beyond the first line. lol

Darling, even though you’ve become
The biggest part of my life,
All the memories we’ve shared
And the movies we’ve bared,
It is time for us to part our separate ways.
Our ideals and thoughts don’t
Correlate anymore.

I know it seems hard,
But I do remember the days we’ve lived together.
And doing this isn’t easy for me,
But my dreams seemed to drift away from yours.
My wishes and goals are different than yours,
And many times we’ve fought over
Where we’re going and what we’re going to do.

Chorus: So I said, “Now it the time,
To go our separate ways.
These tears that fall from our eyes,
Don’t mean anything any more.
Because of our differences
And the changes in our hearts,
I must go far away,
To leave behind
These tears that fall from our eyes.


On a train to Georgia, heading for Atlanta,
I watch the trees as they drift by,
And I see your eyes and your face again
And as my heart breaks
I still know I did the right thing.

The goals I’ve aimed for,
Are finally really lived.
I’ve made my success,
And I know you’ve made yours.
Yet the memories come rushing back,
Whenever I remember
Those words I said to you.


And when I least expect it,
I get a phone call from L.A.,
Saying it’s you on the line.
Asking how are you and what are you doing?
Have you reached those goals
That you told me about,
And turned away from me for?

And I realized as I heard your voice,
That my heart was still the same,
And I knew,
Even though I still loved you,
That I couldn’t come back
Even if I wanted to.
And I said, “I still don’t regret what I said to you.”

Chorus 2X

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Member of Spokane Taiko. Poet. Karaoke singer. Love cats and baseball.
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