0083 Rhonda Johnson [06 September 1997]

Author’s note: This was written for a fellow high school choir member’s mother who passed away.

A woman of virtue,
Of love and hope,
She filled us all
With a desire.

Unknown was this,
And yet in believing
In her and her faith,
She brought us thus.

We all crept forward,
For a chance
At touching this earthly angel’s light.

She brought hope,
To everyone.
If you were lost,
She helped you find the way.

Much loved,
Was this angel on Earth,
By her friends
And her family.

She hath all she ever wanted,
A handsome son,
A beautiful daughter,
And a loving partner.

Who could want for more?
She only wanted her faith
And even that
She hath.

What took her from our side,
Was merely Fate
And God giving life
To another angel in heaven.

I hope to have
All she hath
And prosper as doth she.

I do not envy her,
I only cherished her
And her ways.

I knew her only a couple of weeks
Before God requested her presence.
I only knew her smiling face
And the laughter from her lips.

I never shed a tear for her,
Yet I felt I should have.
Even then,
I grieved the loss.

The loss of one
Who’s light shone brightly
As a star does
On a dark night.

Whose voice sang her joy,
In knowing God.
Whose laughter bespoke
A happiness in life.

I believe one day
In the far future,
We will gaze into a sapphire sky,
And a single cloud shall linger.

Wings will appear from this cloud,
And in a clear, beautiful voice
From heaven above
Laughter shall ring forth.

We shall know it as her voice,
And this heavenly laughter,
Will be Rhonda’s joy
At being close to the One she loves.

About taikodragonjkf

Member of Spokane Taiko. Poet. Karaoke singer. Love cats and baseball.
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