0088 The Fight [12 September 1997]

The wind is my competition,
The sea my savior.

The strands
Of my hair,
Whipping my face,
Like a punishment.

Like I am never
To have come.
Yet a need within me
Needed to be fulfilled.

My voice
Raises in challenge.
And answering,
Came the wind.

Screaming in fury,
Like a panther
That lost its prey,
It lashed out at me.

I, like a rag doll,
Was flung away.
And my breath
Seemed to shy away.

I stood,
All power that I had
Came back
And tall I stayed.

The wind roared
And instead of fighting,
And resisting.

I stood now
With the wind,

I now understand,
How to compromise,
How to learn,
How to live.

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