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0102 For Your Love [17 October 1997]

Your eyes, Liquid pools of chocolate. As sweet as, And as delicious. They see right through me, Into the deep recesses of my soul. I tremble when those eyes Focus their depths upon my own. Your hair, Brown as chocolate … Continue reading

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0101 The Demon [13 October 1997]

Tonight, I dreamt, My life Was forfeit. A demon, Had ravaged My very soul And stole my life. Lost, I was tossed Into the wind, Left to be torn asunder.

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0100 The Pain of You [06 October 1997]

Fallen, I get up. My hands, Bleed. I am hurt, By ignorance. By racism, I am scarred. Pushed Over the edge. By a fool, Who never told the truth. Caught am I, Within pain. My body, Cries for healing. Who … Continue reading

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