0104 The Guides [18 October 1997]

Upon a mountain,
Do I stand.
Alone I would be,
If it were not for them.

They guide me
To my salvation.
They prepare me,
For my ascent.

Yet I am not dead,
No, I am alive.

His wings,
They lift me.
Protect me they do,
From the earth’s savage children.

Her horn protects my innocence,
Cleansing me, purifying me,
She is my truth,
As I am her reality.

His beak,
Sharp, fierce,
Feeds me with tenderness,
From his kill.

She feeds me, as well,
But only with knowledge.
Preparation, perhaps,
Against the world.

I rise,
As a newborn child might.
Pure, confident of my duty,
Released from my confinement.

Long before this,
I believed not
These two creatures

Though as a child,
I often played
Amongst their kind
Until I grew up.

Now, they sustain me,
For in my past,
Terror destroyed me,
I could no longer sustain myself.

Long have I waited,
For soon I will rejoin my cousins,
With me,
My friends will endure my hardships.

With them by my side,
I need not ever fear hatred.
With their protection,
I need not fear oppression.

I shall prove to all the world,
That I am not a fool.
That the dangers I faced,
Will come to the “real” world.

Now they will believe me,
For with the great Gryphon,
And the beautiful, elusive Unicorn,
By my side will preserve me.

With these two,
All will understand.
That is,
Unless the danger has already come.

About taikodragonjkf

Member of Spokane Taiko. Poet. Karaoke singer. Love cats and baseball.
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