0202 Fated Fantasy [21 June 1998]

What force ever compelled me to action I know not,
I was lost among a forest of fools,
Until I sighted you, a man, tall, dark, frightening.
And I knew you were the one to guide me.

Your strength overwhelmed me to say the least,
Yet you continually caught my eyes
As I searched the forest of fools for that one man.
The one man that would lead me home.

Your eyes were a foreboding dark blue,
A blue that held many mysteries that I found intriguing.
Your hair, carelessly black and teasing my fingers
Daring me to touch the ebony strands of silk.

You were a warrior of the highest caliber,
Honor, faith, strength, you preached and never turned on them
Your virtues were strong and I knew,
I knew then you were the one.

The one who would fill my soul and complete it,
The one who would love me as I loved you.
But as I introduced myself I saw a distrust,
A distrust within your beautiful royal blue eyes.

I could not believe that chance or fate would do this,
Send me the one I needed but who distrusted my kind.
It seemed all was lost to me then
But I refused to give up hope.

You had stolen my heart instantaneously
And there was no way I could turn back now.
You held my heart within your hand
Without knowledge of your ever doing so.

So I thrust myself into your danger one night
And found those thick, corded arms surrounding me
Your closeness intoxicated my soul and my mind
Yet you seemed unmoved by my presence.

Then one day my chance to show you came.
I took you by the hand and led you to a meadow.
And like the legends told of
An alabaster unicorn, pure and gold-white skin, came.

He filled my heart and yours as well
He spoke of my devotion and laid his down
I took a knife and cut his mane, a lock of silkiness
And braided it into an armband for you.

You accepted with astonishment on your face
I knew then that you were mine
You fulfilled the destiny fate chose for you
And became the one, the only one, I ever loved.

About taikodragonjkf

Member of Spokane Taiko. Poet. Karaoke singer. Love cats and baseball.
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