Winter Update – 2016

Hello all new followers and passers-by,

It is my sincere hope that this holiday season is a good one for you, whatever faith or tradition you follow. And for all those who have chosen to follow my humble little poetry blog, thank you. It’s encouraging to have people actively follow and like my posts. So thank you!

Life has been interesting lately. My work area at home was down for a couple of weeks due to an issue with the electricity so I kind of avoided it. Mainly because I like things in their place (a possible problematic personality issue?) and if things mess up the flow, or I have to change things drastically for any reason, I tend to get a little moody. Then I’ve had to deal with dental issues. Root canals are not the funnest activity in the world and I have one more to get through, so I’ve been kind of being lazy and bemoaning the state of affairs I find myself in because of it. And then there’s the weather. Cold cold cold.

Anyhow, complaining aside, I will continue to keep working at archiving my diverse set of poetry. But hey! I’m up to 200 now, so that’s an accomplishment. Only 600+ more to go. Of course I have NOTHING on Tyler Knott Gregson. Daily love haiko and his typewriter poetry everyday and is up to, what, 1100+ now?

He and his partner, Sarah Linden, were in town recently to promote their North Pole Ninjas book in November and I wanted to go but it was for kids and I didn’t want to get in the way (that’s the introvert/socially anxious part of me). It looked like they had a good time at Auntie’s and that’s what matters. Hopefully they’ll be back around, or at least Tyler will, for his next book release. I can only hope.

In holiday things, my family celebrates Christmas because it’s what we’ve always done. I was raised normal Christian and exposed to multiple traditions of it but have migrated to being more Buddhist. Faith-wise, I am more agnostic, leaning towards atheistic. But I celebrate the holiday as a family holiday much like Thanksgiving. We’re not going anywhere this year, as per usual (no problem with that from my point of view). I’m grateful that my day job includes that as a vacation day and I have the Monday after off. We typically have prime rib for dinner with my specialty, mashed potatoes. And what a time to have dental issues. I have to be very careful about eating because one of my temporary crowns keeps coming off. Grr. C’est la vie. I will survive.

Hope that this post finds you well. Feel free to reach out, comment, or whatever else.

Kindest regards,



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Member of Spokane Taiko. Poet. Karaoke singer. Love cats and baseball.
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