295 The Lonely Heart [19 April 2000]

She rises from a slumber
ten thousand years long
to face the world
as she is.
Lonely, lost, despairing.
Death seems close
around that next corner.
She still searches
for that thing
that one emotion
that would make her whole,
fill her with purpose.
Her young days
long behind her,
yet still
the thirst unquenched.
As her last breath
she lifted her head to the stars
screaming for all to hear
the sorrow of her incomplete soul.
Love, where are you?

294 The Hunger [19 April 2000]

Deep within our souls
is a hunger that no hatred can kill.
It is the basest need that occurs
when by chance you meet the one,
the one person
you will share your dreams,
desires, and secrets with.
But most of the world denies this hunger
by feeding it sweet sugar,
a substitute for the real thing.
They lose that feel
for the dream of love
which becomes lost in life,
by becoming too comfortable
to leave this substitute behind.
People become blind, and deaf,
because of loyalty,
to that attraction
that sneaks up on you
when you least expect it.

292 The Awakening [07 April 2000]

You were unknown to me
A stranger
Invading the peaceful ignorance
That was my life
Taking me from the bliss of the unknown
You crashed into my world
Like a runaway stallion
Herding me away from my safe holding pen
Freeing me from what was my benightedness
A slavery I was happy living in
Yet in my grief of the loss
Of my security
My eyes were opened to a cherished freedom
That had existed only in my dreams
That you had shown me
Was a reality
In my loss I see
I have gained
A world of infinite possibilities
Becoming as wild as you
In my beliefs
The mare to your stallion
Standing upon a precipice
That instead of seeing walls
Blocking my view
I now see
The world that lies beyond
The prison that once was
My haven

291 This is Love [19 March 2000]

Do you think of me,
Alone in your room,
In the silence of your solitude?
Or am I
The only one with that strange phenomena?
It seems as if no matter where you are,
Some part of you resides
In the back of my mind
Like a good memory.
Never going away,
Never fading
Though I would never want it to
Disappear from my mind.
You are the essence
Of my very life’s blood.
The very reason I exist.
There is something about you,
Something about your smile,
That I can never erase from
My mind’s eye
I love the way
You look at me.
Those amazing eyes
That are so deep
I wish to drown myself in them,
To dive into their depths,
And never surface again.
I love the way
Your arms hold me close.
Their strength
The way it feels
As if you never want to let me go.
In your presence
That is where I wish to stay.
Close enough
To feel your every breath,
To hear your heart pound.
I wish to reside
Within your embrace
Until my last sunset turns to darkness.
Can I? Please?
I love your laughter,
Your tears,
The way it echoes out,
And touches my soul.
The booming sound of your voice
When in excess of emotion,
Be it rage or otherwise.
I love your obsession
With the little things in life.
Your need to worry
About things that need fixing.
Sometimes I wonder
How it is I came to love you.
I’ve known you
As a friend for a while,
Yet only recently
Has my heart taken to you.
My soul is free of its bonds
To soar with uninhibitied emotion.
You have caused all my fear
To disipate with the clouds.
I no longer worry about
Others turning their backs on me
Because you are always there.
Sometimes it seems
Like I’ve known you forever.
And still, sometimes,
It seems like an eternity
Before you came.
Is this love?
When I feel
Like the wind
When near you
Soaring, free.
Like I can fly without wings
When you look at me.
Yes, this is love.
How can it be
Anything else?

290 Forever [23 February 2000]

I’m going to love you forever.
This is my promise.
Until the sun will never rise again,
the oceans will freeze their tides,
the clouds float no longer in the sky.
I will cherish you,
hold you close to my heart.
For you, my friend,
for you, the lover you may become.
You were the bee
that fertilized this flower,
causing it to bloom and flourish.
You are the very reason
that like a butterfly
out of the cocoon,
I have come out.
To forget you,
would be forgetting myself.
I will love you
until time itself
no longer exists.

288 My Strength [09 February 2000]

You are strength
A pillar of stone
I lean upon.
Just to be near you is to be
Apart of your might.
You are my truth
The honesty I desire.
I believe in you
And all that you are.
If I could lose myself
Within you
I would gladly
I would fall into your arms
And never come up for air.
I love the way you smile at me.
I love the way your arms surround me.
You are love.
The only one I’ve ever truly cared for.
You’ve taught me
To give of myself
To give you my heart
And love you completely.
If I asked you,
Would you love me?
Not just in pieces,
But in all parts?
I know that today is not the time
For me to fall in love.
But I will love you
Without question,
Without regret.
Even if fate
Sends us our different ways,
I will find you
And love you until I die.

287 Let Me Stay [01 February 2000]

Let me stay within you
For I cannot live without you.
I want to feel lost
Within the embrace of your arms
To drown in every piece of your soul
To leave this world loving you
Please love me
I may be strong
But you
Are my foundation
I say I love you
But that doesn’t even come close
To this raging emotion within my heart
Within my soul
As yin completes yang
You complete me.