0245 To Cody [14 April 1999]

Even though our paths
May split at the end of the road,
I still will love you.

You are the one
Whom I will long for
For the rest of my life.

Even though
You disregard it,
You are very special.

You mean more to me,
Than words
Can ever express.

You seemed so far away
When I first knew you,
So different from my world.

But then that invisible wall
I built around you

Your words filled me with warmth,
And I was able
To finally approach you.

Things seemed to slow down
And my friendship with you
Seemed to go no further.

Then something akin to magic
Happened when we went to ‘Frisco,
And somehow we became closer.

Not as close
As you and your other friends are,
But closer than we were.

I know that I will remember you
No matter how far you are
Or how close.

You are my friend,
Closer to me now
And will always be.

Thank you for your love,
The friendship you have given me,
And for letting me into your world.

You have probably questioned my motives,
But until you willingly and cruelly hurt me,
You are a friend of mine.

I am quick to love,
I know that may be my downfall
But I have wanted your friendship for a while.

And if, however,
You feel you cannot talk to any of your other friends,
Know I am a good listener.

About taikodragonjkf

Member of Spokane Taiko. Poet. Karaoke singer. Love cats and baseball.
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