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0283 Understanding the Darkness [1999]

Night with its solitude Brings me forth into truth. The truths not known in daylight, But hidden in the sunny rays. It took me time To understand myself, To understand the darkness That dwells within me. Not the darkness of … Continue reading

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0282 Life’s Music [1999]

Like a song, The wind through the trees. Like a melody, The talking brook. The songs of a forest, Like the heartbeat Within a child’s breast, Like the soul’s longing cry. The heart’s mournful ballad For a love so true. … Continue reading

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0281 Hidden Away [08 December 1999]

Breathe, into me, bring me into life. Save me from a future full of loneliness and solitude. I have hidden away to save myself from the tortures of life, forgetting to live.

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