357 Within Your Arms [26 November 2000]

The darkness of night surrounds us
like a warm, sheltering cloak.
The silence sweet in its essence.
Here I am with you,
your arms around me,
tight enough to keep me near,
loose enough to let me fly,
your head nestled against mine.
The breath you breathe
warm and cool against my skin.
In this heaven of shadow
I am close to you,
my heart threatening to burst,
emotions building in that chambered life force,
the keeper of all I feel.
Next to you I am sheltered,
liberated as well.
The love you give
nectar of the gods
feeding me
to the senses
I am clear of mind yet I see
nothing but your smiling eyes.
My nose smells only the essence of you.
My tongue tastes nothing but the saltiness of your skin
My ears hear the resonance of your voice.
My skin still feels your every silken caress.
Every sense I have inundated with all you are,
including the senses of my mind.
As much as I try,
I can’t not think of you
or not remember evenings shared.
Yet still I function without you,
needing you like air, water, food,
living life as normal as is possible,
only knowing you’re here with me.
Questions I ask not,
their purposes not needed
for I already know their answer.
So here I lay next to you as you sleep,
a peace descending upon my soul
knowing you’ll be there,
holding me,
protecting me from the world
and all its troubles.
Certain that my haven
is there with open arms for always.
All I feel for you
can never fully be expressed.
Emotions for you known yet not,
so I close my eyes,
snuggle closer to your warm love,
knowing peace.
Letting your rhythmic breathing
lull me to sleep within your arms.

About taikodragonjkf

Member of Spokane Taiko. Poet. Karaoke singer. Love cats and baseball.
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