379 To Know [19 February 2001]

to hold you
in my arms
would be heaven
here on earth

to sense you near
so close
that I could reach out
my hand to touch you

to hear your voice
across the room
instead of in my dreams
across the universes there

to smell your scent
as you walk next to me
as you would
were you here with me

to breathe
knowing you were
just an arm’s length away
to hear you breathe

to lay my eyes
upon your face
your flesh
to know you exist

to feel your hand
lay gently on my arm
as if you yourself
were making sure I exist as well

to taste your lips
soft against mine
sharing the emotion
felt inside both of us

to touch your skin
feeling the curve of muscles
move slightly
as you stretch and flex

to know
that you would never leave
as long as I lived
and past that

to feel the culmination
of all these raging emotions
exploding in one night
and forever on

to open my eyes
waking next to you
your arms tight
securely holding me to you.


© Johanna Fugitt 2017

About taikodragonjkf

Member of Spokane Taiko. Poet. Karaoke singer. Love cats and baseball.
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