405 Just A Dream [16 April 2001]

I look up to see you
smiling down at me
a burst of something
I don’t know of
blossoms inside my heart
to see you smile like you do
how I came to be here
I haven’t a clue
your very presence
a balm to my chaotic soul
It is something
that I cannot explain
even if I wanted to
I just want to exist here
by your side
lost in all that is you
yet found in you
I dream of you
by my side
here with me
but I think that is all
it will ever be
just a dream. . .
a tear caresses
the contour of my cheek
as reality hits me
right where it hurts the most
you will probably never be mine
never exist in my world
but always I’ll have you in dreams
yet Hope still raises
its weary head
from its cage within my soul
that maybe, one day
you will be mine
you will be there
so Hope sits patiently
the feeling there
right in my heart
a pulling sensation
as if I’m drawn to you
by some invisible bond
I do not understand
how I can feel this way
for someone who
I may never even know
if you would come into my life
and love me
please do
I feel I shall be lost
to the winds
if I awake to another lonely morn
no one there
slumbering peacefully
for my eyes to feast upon
I of ten do not sleep
the loneliness so powerful
that it consumes
even that little bit of time
when I could dream of you
without you though
I do survive
every step painful
as I see people
their faces happy
as they see the one
they belong to
I falter in my progress
as a stab of pain
becomes an earthquake
in my soul
at times I wonder
if I was meant
to walk the earth alone
forever hungering
for your touch
for that endless feeling
known as love
how I long to reach up
brushing sand from your cheek
after a day in the sun
or how I wish
to feel your hand
touch my arm
I know I will love you
when you finally reach me
I know with every fiber of my being
that I will give you all of me
not just part
but everything
my heart, body, mind and soul
well, the mind will be my own
so I can argue with you
over stupid things
to keep our love interesting
but everything that is mine
will be yours
as long as you give me
all of you as well
as long as you need me
as much as I do you


© Johanna Fugitt 2017

About taikodragonjkf

Member of Spokane Taiko. Poet. Karaoke singer. Love cats and baseball.
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