407 Night Dark [23 April 2001]

night dark
yet bright with starlight
cool air blows against my cheek
as I stand
admiring the sky above
as the earth turns
in its celestial path
at these moments
do I feel the most alone
when someone should be there
standing next to me
eyes caressing my face
as much as they do the sky
what I wouldn’t give
to have you here
beside me in silence
your presence enough to comfort me
how impatient am I
for you to come into my life
to wake up
seeing your face inches from mine
I would die for you
were you here
I’d give you all of me
if only you’d love me in return
they say patience is a virtue
but then
a virtuous person
I am not
I long to spend nights with you
like this
caught up in explosions of passion
as you lay your hands on me
to spend mornings
dozing in your arms
to share a thunderstorm with you
as it crashes in its playground above
if only. . .
at these moments
when I feel most alone
do I wish for you to be here
I know my youth I still have
and will for a while longer
but I want to spend it with you
to find you and love you
every minute I live
I’ve been waiting for you
for so long
it seems like an eternity
they say that once you forget
your endless quest for love
it drops into your lap
I guess I’ll be waiting a long time
as hope will always
keep my quest alive
I need you so much
that I hurt endlessly
wishing that your eyes
I could drown in
your smile I could taste. . .
how long will I have to wait
to see you here with me
sharing the night
in all its earthly glory?
next week? year?
how long in this pain
will I have to survive
‘til you save me from it?


© Johanna Fugitt 2017

About taikodragonjkf

Member of Spokane Taiko. Poet. Karaoke singer. Love cats and baseball.
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