417 For Aaliyah [21 August 2001]

I look to see your beauty
gleaming among the stars
your voice I hear upon the wind
echoing on through the universe
your loss is mourned
but your life is rejoiced
you had so much more
to offer the world
so much we’ll never hear
all I could think of
was all I had to look forward to
you had music to create
successes much deserved
if tomorrow never comes
and I never see your shining face
always know we’ll remember you
your music will live on
if tomorrow never comes
your eyes will glow among the stars above
and your smile will glitter on
as your soul flies across the waters
continue dreaming on
if tomorrow never comes
know that I will stand here waiting
waiting for you
the smile you always had
the kindness you showed
and the future you’ll never see
know that we will smile in remembrance
the tears that are shed
will fill the river of your dreams
know the thousands who listened
as your song floated on the airwaves
smiling and singing along
we always knew there would be more
we knew it would never end
we will not weep for you in sorrow
but in gladness that you lived
some will say that your life was short
but all I know
is I will remember you

Today, I heard the news and it caught me off guard
To find that someone
I had come to like
As an artist and musician
Had suddenly gone
And I could not believe my ears
Nor could I find a way to stop the tears
You were always so bright
Shining across the sky
You were always there
You were always going to be there
But as I sit outside
Gazing across the place I live
At the mountains, the life I see before me
I smile in remembrance
Of the talent you had
That I wish I could have heard more of
I will think of you
As the sun sets upon the horizon
And if tomorrow never comes
Know that your lovely face
Will shine among the stars
And your music will be remembered forever


© Johanna Fugitt 2017

About taikodragonjkf

Member of Spokane Taiko. Poet. Karaoke singer. Love cats and baseball.
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