489 Savior [05 July 2002]

the lightning comes,
followed by its voice
that echoes through the heavens
with it my savior arrives
gleaming silver hide
thin membrane wings
that appears like gossamer
when illuminated
untamed by man
unknown by many
shining amid the darkened clouds
a queen of the skies
she carries my dreams
along with her
as she glides
amid the electric-kissed night
she bugles forth triumph
her victory over hate
with the promise of love
but not just any kind
that which causes the soul
to sing a melody so fine
bringing tears to the eyes
of those who listen
but like all saviors
she stays only as long
as she is needed
leaving her faithful behind
to grow with her teachings
instead of lying stagnant
uncreatively in sorrow
begin anew, she cries
for if you know me
you will know yourself
and therein lies her truth
fly with her
but do not ride her back
dependent upon her gifts
learn from her
and live

© Johanna Fugitt 2017

About taikodragonjkf

Member of Spokane Taiko. Poet. Karaoke singer. Love cats and baseball.
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