499 Nothing In You For Me [10 August 2002]

Poet’s note: Watch me try to write a song! lol

You never wanted me
so don’t pretend it now
your promises you never keep
for some sense of loyalty
presented askew from reality
I can’t fake that I don’t see
through all your fallacies
all I wanted
was for someone to love me

is it possible
that you loved me at all
or was I just to be there
a thing to hang on
to use and abuse
should I have lied
told you I believed
every word that dropped
from your beautiful lips
pretending everything was alright
when in my heart I knew

I look in your eyes
wondering how I never noticed
that deceptive glint
deep within their depths
I remember once believing
that nothing could hurt me
while in your embrace
little did I know
that it was you
it was from within my safe walls
that betrayal would come


from the first time
I looked at you
I believed love would be found in you
when I awoke from the dream
I found there was nothing
nothing within you for me

© Johanna Fugitt 2017

About taikodragonjkf

Member of Spokane Taiko. Poet. Karaoke singer. Love cats and baseball.
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