862 Breathe [13 September 2012]

Breathing is easy,
learning is a testament
of strong will and determination.
You should be here.
Moments exist in my life where I turn
expecting you to be sitting there,
standing there, smiling there,
but you’re not.
And breathing becomes difficult,
the most challenging moment I live through.
Moments occur at times where I lay down,
arms reaching for you, grasping
for some solid warmth to bring me to sanity,
but you probably don’t even know my name.
And breathing becomes a chore,
laziness stopping the oxygen as I try to cope.
Moments happen where I laugh at something,
turning to share it with you, giggle, chuckle,
but your smile is not something I know.
And breathing becomes hollow,
attempting to fill a void not once less empty.
You should be here.
I should know you by now.
But I must breathe on.

© Johanna Fugitt 2017

About taikodragonjkf

Member of Spokane Taiko. Poet. Karaoke singer. Love cats and baseball.
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