301 Morning After [05 May 2000]

the cool crisp air of morning
awakens me to find you still here,
sleeping next to me,
eyes closed in peaceful rest.
I am moved
by the subtle movements of your muscles
as you dream in the early morning hours.

I woke this morning expecting you gone,
to where ever you disappear to.
you are so amazing.
the tenderness you show me
as we make love,
the violence that sometimes comes.

Both are too wonderful for words alone,
the absolute gentleness
that you show in every motion
as you kiss my skin,
touch my pulsing center
the insanity when gentleness is too little
and ferocity plunges us
Your body slamming into mine
like the pistons of an engine
into the heights of orgasmic wonderment.

the sun is beginning to peak
over the nearby mountains
and sunlight begins to leak into my solitude.
the warm glow lights upon your chest
as it rises and falls in restful slumber.
I wonder why at all you stayed.
do you feel more for me
than you let on?
or have I become seriously deluded
in my early morning meanderings?

if you could read my mind
I wonder if you would be frightened
by the intensity of this emotion
you have filled me with.
my heart aches with the love
that I feel for you,
I am even scared by its power.

my mind wanders again,
nights of before
filled with whispers of skin
the soft sounds of linen being moved under.
that look in your eyes
that fills me with emotion so loud
that I cannot keep in,
but rather than cage it,
I let it voice its amazement
breaking the silent whispers of our loving.

this morning I am touched
by the boyish appearance of your features
as it becomes brighter with the sun’s rays
falling ever deeper into that pit
I have dug for myself,
or the careless way your locks of hair lay
across your forehead,
the fluttering of your eyelashes
against your darkly tanned skin.
I want to keep you here beside me
for as long as breath fills these lungs of mine

I rest my head upon your chest
listening to your heart beat its life’s tattoo
resounding within your body
how I wish to be apart of that life.
maybe, just maybe this means something.
the morning becomes pregnant with expectations,
imagined or not.
My mind racing
with sudden happiness
but dampening its excitement
for what must be reality.

but still fatigued by the night’s vigors,
I leave my head where it rests
on your chest
closing my eyes
falling back into deep slumber,
drifting off to where my dreams
replay your movements shadowed on the wall
by the flickering candlelight
in the darkness of my room

About taikodragonjkf

Member of Spokane Taiko. Poet. Karaoke singer. Love cats and baseball.
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