373 This Dream [05 February 2001]

In the world created in my dreams
you are there. . .
Your face unclear but your voice
I do know as well as your presence
~ safe, comforting, fulfilling
I can see your form
the height of your body
the cut of your hair
brown in color
I don’t know your eyes
for they are blurry
as the form of your face is
you’re tall, lanky, wonderful. . .
someone who cares for me deeply
who doesn’t care about consequence
when you show this affection for me
with many people before
I have felt lonely, left out,
a complete stranger
though I may have
known them for months
with you it is different
so very different
you smile at me
from across the room
your hand is always
in contact with mine
or some part of my body
you lead me into a room
with your hand placed
firmly in the small of my back
you understand what I feel
and though it is hard for me
to open to you
and share with you
the part of my soul
that hungers for you
you are patient without a fault
and though I am afraid
of this amazing thing
you bring to me
I trust in you completely
you have never betrayed that trust,
and I find you put your faith in me
in return. . .
your kiss builds a fire
within my soul
and a desire
within my body
you seem so real
yet I know you to be a dream
yet again
I am convinced
that somewhere in the real world
where I live
you are waiting for me
or trying to find me
I have sought you
all my life
this dream I have pursued
since the first time I had it
the total completeness
of our relationship
is what I seek
to wake with you
in morning
to sleep with you
at night
to know
I am never going
to be alone again
that there is
one person
in the world
I can turn to
a person in my corner
my army in battle
my advisor, my confidant
my lover, my friend
someone who loves me
and only me
who turns to me
when you feel down
or when you need a quick fix
to laugh with me
over nothing
to call me at 3am
to allow me
to feel apart of you
instead of an intruder
in your life
like I have always felt
with everyone else
so I ask the question
I always do
when this hunger for you
becomes too much
and I overflow
“where are you?”

About taikodragonjkf

Member of Spokane Taiko. Poet. Karaoke singer. Love cats and baseball.
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