439 The Night I Learned You Loved Me Too [22 December 2001]

here do I stand
outside the door
of the place where you live
my feet brought me here
of their own volition
my body knowing
whom it craves
but not only that
my heart knows that as well
and guided me here
it is something I cannot speak of
a feeling that resounds
within the canyons of my soul
echoing through my brain
an emotion that brings your name
to be spoken by my voice
just to hear it
you don’t have to say a word to me
just take me in your arms
hold me and I will be satisfied
I want nothing more
than to be near you
to hear you breathe
or sleep in your embrace.
the light in your window turns on
a sigh escapes my soul
through my lips
the ones that wish to feel yours
that desire to know your skin
I wonder if you’ll mind
me here outside your apartment
relishing that is you
who is inside this building
the only thing better though
would be to be there with you
laying by your side
listening to your heartbeat
underneath my ear
it’s an impossible wish
a distant dream
that I deal with day in, day out
so I sit quietly on your steps
almost as if I was sitting next to you inside
I hear your voice
through an open window
the tones balm to my chaotic soul
if only you knew
how much I long
to be yours
to hear that voice
call my name lovingly
lost in my thoughts
the sound of your door opening
startles me
I turn, to see your form
backlit by the lights on inside
I stand, the very sight of you
leaving me speechless
your features darkened
but I know them well
to the world outside
you wouldn’t be considered handsome
but to me
you are by far
the most wonderful of them all
I close my eyes
unsure if to say hello
or apologize and leave
but I open them to a smile
upon your lips
a thing that I cherish to see
and you speak to me
in those tones that have me so weak
asking me to come in
so I agree and walk in
as you stand aside
my eyes close as I smell you
permeating every bit of your apartment
would that I could stay here
and live in the scent forever
I turn to you as you shut the door
speaking my thanks
saying I just had stopped by
when you reach out with a finger
and silence my speech
leaning in, your lips caress mine
I return the favor, savoring the touch
it turns deeper,
your robed body pressing against mine
my arms reaching around you
to keep you there
it is in that moment
I realize that you love me in return
so I give myself to you
mind, body and soul
to find you do the same


© Johanna Fugitt 2017

About taikodragonjkf

Member of Spokane Taiko. Poet. Karaoke singer. Love cats and baseball.
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